Women-Only in Japan

Från: Dave Fossett
Datum: 3 juli 2001 08.15
Ämne: Japanese news: Women-only cars on trains


I thought this news item from Japan may be relevant for your Rail News site:

The Kyodo News article is as follows:
"JR Saikyo Line starts 1st 'Women Only' car to prevent gropers TOKYO, July 2 Kyodo - East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) on Monday introduced the first late-night women-only rail car on a trial basis on the Saikyo Line in a bid to prevent molestation on the trains, company officials said. (23 :48)"

My additional comments:
This trial scheme started on 2 July on the JR Saikyo commuter line from Shinjuku (Tokyo) to Kawagoe for trains departing from the capital after 11 pm. The rear car of the 10-car trains is marked for use by women and small children only.

This is the first time such as policy has been introduced by JR, but a private railway also introduced a similar scheme on its late-night commuter trains from Tokyo earlier this year.