Re: Smoothed text, etc., for Pepper OS X

Posted by T.Jung on May 11 2004, 04:35:
In Reply to: Smoothed text, etc., for Pepper OS X posted by Richard Seguin:
> Another issue in case this software is moved to Cocoa: several Cocoa
> editors that I've used become horribly slow in typing/character
> rendition with large softwrapped LaTeX files (i.e., 200KB). I'm not
> sure if this is strictly a Cocoa API problem or if it's a design issue.

I _guess_ it's ATSUI, a text rendering engine build into MacOS (at least I think ATSUI is this, maybe I understood something wrong).

Some time ago, there was a Pepper version that supported ATSUI (Maartens Pepper version 3.6? 4? something like that) and it was _terribly_ slow, especially on scrolling.

I don't know if ATSUI can be turned off on a Cocoa application, but if it's possible, Pepper should do it (that is, _if_ ATSUI's the source of the problems you mentioned).

Tobias Jung

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