Re: Pepper 4.2.1 bugs

Posted by BlueB on September 22 2004, 04:17:
In Reply to: Pepper 4.2.1 bugs correction posted by BlueB:
> > 1. The underscore is invisible - I see white space instead

> Never seen this before. Does this happen with *all* fonts?.

when I use simultaneously Georgia and SimSun.

> Well, so I don't think it's a Pepper bug.
> I guess that characters of Chinese fonts are mapped to encodings that simply aren't available in "usual" fonts.
> Maybe turning on "Show Invisibles" will at least show *something*, but this is just a wild guess.

I turned on invisibles but there is still nothing. Notepad shows perfectly chinese characters with Georgia font. Pepper shows nothing.

Thank you for your patience. I do like Pepper but the font problem forces me to use an additional text editor.

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