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Posted by Chris Fields on November 12 2004, 18:35:
In Reply to: Re: Pepper (uh yeah) posted by Erik Sandblom:
I hate to say this, guys, and I may get flack, but I'll be honest. I switched to BBEdit a number of months ago (and I plan on upgrading to the newest version). I got it at an educational discount, which was ~$100. It works great. I also use Komodo (on Windows and Linux) and I find it very useful but pretty sluggish at times (it uses Mozilla).

I would really like to see Pepper developed further, but I haven't heard anything on it in the last year or so, except the following from Mr. Slack:

"I am working on a Cocoa version since my return from the Big Nerd Ranch taking Aaron Hillegass's Cocoa course."

"I had thoughts of a version written in QT."

"I also had someone offer to buy the Source code."

Not too encouraging, especially that last bit, to be quite frank.

> > > I suspect talking about alternatives isn't really a good thing to do
> > > on this board

> > Why not?
> > I'm a Pepper fan, but I wouldn't mind to read about alternatives that people are actually working with (instead of: "I always heard that XYZ is a great app...").
> > Of course I don't know what Eriks feels about that...

> That's fine with me. I'm just glad to see people use the forum.

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