Re: Pepper News?

Posted by Chris Fields on July 11 2005, 05:00:
In Reply to: Re: Pepper News? posted by Erik Sandblom:
Nice to see that somebody is out there!

Sad to see that Pepper development has pretty much stopped. I agree with Eric that open-sourcing it would be the best option, esp. if that means moving forward. I also agree that there needs to be somebody motivated enough to take this on. Unfortunately, I am not nearly experienced enough to do that (being primarily a biologist and Perl programmer), although I am picking up C/C++ quite easily now!

Open-sourcing it may not be the only option though I think more progress would be made if it were open-sourced. I would definitely donate the same price I paid for the commercial version of Pepper for open-source development, probably more so. Otherwise I'd be paying up for the next version of BBEdit!
I feel that BBEdit, although nice, is way overpriced, esp. for the non-academic versions out there (~$200), and I think Pepper is a very good competing product. I really think the main impediment for Pepper (and I don't mean this as a slam Jason)has been the lack of development.

Jason, if you truly feel that Pepper has lost your interest, maybe it's time to pass the torch to somebody else willing to take it on. Maybe place the code using an open-source license in sourceforge or something similar with a plea for somebody to take it over.

> > I find myself not motivated to work on Pepper. I apologize for this. If anybody has any thoughts on keeping pepper alive, i would love to hear them.

> Well if you're not going to develop it, it seems the only right thing to do is open source it. Unless you have someone seriously interested in taking over. As I see it, taking over Pepper takes skill, commitment, and lots of time and effort. In the long term, I'm not sure there is much alternative to open sourcing since that is the most durable solution.

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