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Posted by Watts on August 3 2005, 19:49:
In Reply to: Re: Pepper News? posted by Jason:
> I find myself not motivated to work on Pepper. I apologize for this. If anybody has any thoughts on keeping pepper alive, i would love to hear them.

> -Jason

I agree with the idea that open sourcing it makes sense. It's clear that despite your good intentions you haven't been doing much with Pepper (I just downloaded the current Windows release from your web site and note that it still tells you to go to for registration); it's a good enough program that it'd be unfortunate if it died completely.

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that perhaps the current iteration of Pepper should be made freeware even without a source release, however. Candidly, I switched to BBEdit some years ago on the Mac, but I'd like an editor on Windows that's roughly comparable to Bare Bones' freeware TextWrangler, and Pepper's about it. (It's better than TW in some ways, although the comparative lack of development definitely shows by now.)

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