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Posted by Chris Fields on August 7 2005, 23:48:
In Reply to: Re: Freeware, at least?... posted by Erik Sandblom:
> > Would others like to see Pepper Free?

> Sure. But the important part is to have development resume. All you need to do is set up an account at sourceforge, isn't it?

I second that. It has tremendous potential, but I can't see sticking with it if it isn't actively developed. When was the last time there was a new release? BTW, if you release it w/o source code as freeware, I can definitely see it fading away. There are a ton of shareware programs that do similar things but are updated periodically! I really believe that, if Pepper is to progress forward, it should be open-sourced and actively developed. I, for one, would donate the $30-$40 for an actively developed open-source product.

I have mentioned before that I have started using BBEdit since they have released bug fixes every 2-3 months. I understand that they have a development team that allows for this. However, I can definitely say that, with the exception of the very bloated (and Java-centric) Eclipse, there isn't anything out there that can do what Pepper can w/o a hefty (sometimes undeservedly so) price tag. Letting it fade away would be criminal.

> Erik Sandblom

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