Post-Pepper Notes

Posted by Watts Martin on February 15 2006, 02:48:
In Reply to: Re: Post-Pepper Notes posted by not spam:
If it keeps working for you, great. Not that it's abruptly stopped working for me, of course. :) For what I do, Pepper would work -- but there are other things that honestly work *better,* even for languages Pepper knows how to parse, and certainly for languages Pepper doesn't. (TextMate is fairly easy to add new language "bundles" to in a way I haven't seen in any other text editor.)

'm just hesitant, for my part, about using a program that has neither ongoing development nor, when compared to a program like TextMate, XEmacs or even Vim, less extendibility (which would at least partially ameliorate the lack of development). I'll be curious to see if Slack Software, what I think Digital Wandering is called this week, really follows through on rewriting Pepper for the Qt toolkit, though. Perhaps some day in the future it'll rise from the dead.

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