Re: Some things about Pepper

Posted by Erik Sandblom on April 22 2003, 21:41:
In Reply to: Some things about Pepper posted by T. Jung:
> Hi,

> it's nice to see that there are other Pepper fans out there! :-)

Nice to see you too :-)

> I'm really happy that will continue Pepper for MacOS, but I'd like to know if other Pepper users experience this bug(?) in the current digitalwandering Pepper release:

> When I open the Accelerator, it just closes again at once. Only if I put the mouse pointer to the area where the Accelerator will pop up _before_ opening it, I stays open.
> My system is MacOS 9.1.

Never seen anything like that before, though you might consider upgrading to 9.2.2. Anyway I think Jason @ Digital Wandering would appreciate it if you filed a bug report:

> Furthermore, although Pepper's readme file says that Pepper runs with MacOS 8.6, Pepper crashes when I try to start it on my girl friend's computer (running MacOS 8.6 + CarbonLib 1.6).

I thought Pepper needed OS9 but maybe I'm wrong. Is CarbonLib 1.6 the latest version? Maybe do a search for it at

> P.S.: Sorry for my poor English.

Your English is way better than my German :-) (I just assumed you were German from your name. I'm Swedish)


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