Re: Some things about Pepper

Posted by T. Jung on April 25 2003, 04:12:
In Reply to: Re: Some things about Pepper posted by J. Todd Slack:
> Ir is about to under go major revnvations for the next release also.

Sounds great. :-)
Any idea when the next release is going to be finished?

> This is how the accelerator is, it tries not to intrude, so it hides
> automatically.
> I could make this a preference.

Oh yes, please do this!
I'm used to type, opening the accelerator and _then_ moving my hand to the mouse...

> What happens if you update to the latest carbon lib? also, if you
> remove the 'carb' resource?

I'm going to check next time I'm sitting at that computer, which will not be within the next few days.
btw, _is_ there a newer CarbonLib? v1.6 is the latest one I found at

Tobias Jung

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