Re: can one define new syntax markups

Posted by Garrick Blalock on June 13 2003, 17:14:
In Reply to: Re: can one define new syntax markups posted by T. Jung:
I wanted to add one for Stata (a statistical package).
Certainly I could modify an existing markup. It just
seems like an oversight not to be able to create a new
one (or at least rename an existing one so that the
new name would match its new purpose after modification).

Other editors I've used (Jedit for OS X, Textedit for PC)
typically have a simple text file format to define markups. Then there is a preference that maps file extensions to the
appropriate file for markup. Having the markups in a
self-contained file makes them easy to add, modify, and share.


> > The only way I can figure out
> > how to do so is to modify an existing syntax markup for a new
> > file class. But, this seems unelegant.

> Sorry, I don't know any way to do what you want.
> Obviously you really just can modify an existing markup. :-(

> btw, what kind of syntax markup would you like to add?

> Regards,
> Tobias Jung

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