Re: ActionScript language support?

Posted by plasticman on August 31 2003, 10:13:
In Reply to: Re: ActionScript language support? posted by Jason T. Slack:
Well, if the info screen actually stated what version of Pepper i was using, i'd tell you. :-/
As for OS etc - details:
MacOSX 10.2.6, 1024MB memory.
Now, really, what it seems MOST people's feature request for Pepper is being able to define their own syntax modules. The free 'mi' can do this in it's preferences panel, but unfortunately there are a couple stability issues with that app. If Pepper can introduce this feature, i'm sure you'd get a lot more users.

Anyway, still strange that one of your screenshots features the Actionscript language - but searches everywhere fail ti turn it up... :-(

> > Well, i thought at last i've found the perfect external editor for ActionScript - the example screenshot of syntax coloring even features ActionScript as the chosen language. But when i actually download the app, there is no AS language plug-in, and no simple way to input custom languages (such as in the FREE mi, for example).
> > Examining some of the settings in the Pref panel caused a crash after about 5 minutes... :-(
> > Oh well, the search goes on...

> Can you tell me what version you are running, platform,OS version, memory, etc

> -Jason

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