Re: Panther?

Posted by Erik Sandblom on November 14 2003, 15:28:
In Reply to: Re: Panther? posted by T. Jung:
> > Has anyone tried Pepper 4.0.6 on Mac OSX 10.3 "Panther"? Does it work?
> I didn't try it (I'm still stuck with MacOS 9), but AFAIR 4.0.6. didn't run on Jaguar, so I don't think it'll run on Panther.

It's unfortunate people think this. I run it every day on Jaguar. It's great except that it's slow when resizing the window if the text is soft wrapped.

> > I understand many people like Pepper X better on Mac OSX, but I prefer 4.0.6...
> Just being curious: Why do you prefer 4.0.6?

I suggested some interface adjustments to Maarten and he implemented many of them in Pepper 4. Things like escape dismissing dialogs, moving preferences, accelerator and accelerator prefs to the Edit menu, little details like that.

I also have some strange problems with Pepper X; it doesn't seem to like my preferences, which have been set by P 4.0.6; and it doesn't respond to keyboard commands and this affects NetFinder 2.3.2 as well.


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