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Posted by Dennis on January 2 2004, 09:30:
In Reply to: Re: How to search and replace form feeds posted by Erik Sandblom:
Thanks Erik,
I was a bit confused re: form feeds vrs line feeds.

Line feeds are actually what I'm interested in.

BUT, whatever I put in the find field, if I tick regex I get this error...

'Not a valid regular expression
(this version of PCRE is not compiled with
PCRE_UTF8 support)'

I'm using Pepper v X.1.0 on Mac OS 10.2.8
I have tried with text encoding set to UTF-8 and to ISO latin 1 (8859-1) and others. Not sure what the problem is now. Originally when I got the
'Not a valid regular expression' error, I thought maybe I have to use a Perl type syntax in the Find field? like...


(this expression should substitute "foo" wherever "bar" appears in a document (the "g" means "global scope" - the entire string or document).
(I pinched this example from )

Perhaps someone can explain a bit more what the error means?



> I've never worked with form feeds, but have you tried replacing double line feeds with single line feeds, just to get a feel for how it works? Enter \n\n in search, \n in replace, tick the regex box, and click replace all. That should work if you have unix line endings, check that under the info button.

> Form feeds must be the same.

> Tell us how you fare.

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