Re: How to search and replace form feeds

Posted by Erik Sandblom on January 2 2004, 20:26:
In Reply to: Re: How to search and replace form feeds posted by T. Jung:
> Unfortunately, we're still waiting for that release and as I said before, Pepper for Mac seems to be dead now. :-((((
> I'd be pleased if DW would prove that I'm wrong on this.

Well, both Jason at DW and Maarten both love the program, so I'm pretty sure there will be future Mac releases. Jason is probably just very busy at the moment.

As OSX gets faster and less buggy with every release, I think the conditions for Pepper are improving a lot. I imagine 10.3 is way easier to program for than 10.1, which was what we had when Pepper 4 ran into problems. I've heard the carbon environment, which Pepper uses, is a lot better now than it used to be.

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