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How to use the Perl programming language together with the Pepper text editor on Mac OS 9:

  1. Download the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop, which includes ToolServer. ToolServer is what Pepper uses to run Extensions from the menu. The file you want is called MPW-GM.img.bin and is available by ftp here. Install by copying the folder called "MPW-GM" to your hard drive, and restarting your Mac.
  2. Download the MacPerl installer from or Run the Perl installer and select custom install. Make sure the MPW tool is ticked.
  3. Run MPW Shell, in the MPW-GM folder. Select "Set Directory" from the Directory menu, and choose MPW folder in your MacPerl folder.
  4. Scroll to the end of all the text in the MPW window, which is called the Worksheet. Enter "Install.MPW_Perl" without quotes on an empty line, and press apple-enter right after the "l" in ".Perl". Follow the resulting instructions, ie press apple-enter again. Then select the four lines of code starting with "Duplicate" and press apple-enter, one by one. As you might guess by reading the commands, this puts some files in the tools folder in the MPW folder.
  5. To run your perl scripts from Pepper's extensions menu, you have to put them in Pepper's extensions folder and add these two lines to the top of your scripts:
    Perl -Sx "{0}" {"Parameters"}; Exit {Status}

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