September 18th, 1999
I don't know where you get your information ...
>>  Hurrican Floyd caused less damage to the US East coast
>>  than feared. CSXT press releases, 1, 2, 3. (September 17th)"
but CSX is one hurting gator.

Here's a copy of a story I sent to some local friends earlier today (Sep 17) 
and a report from NC DOT.

Later ... Bob Loehne


Hi guys ... 

We (in Triad NC area) might be seeing some crazy RR stuff around here for the 
next week or so. It seems that CSX's Tar River Bridge just one mile north of 
Rocky Mount, NC is out of service ... well ... they presume it is OOS. You 
see, they say the bridge is MISSING, GONE, VANISHED and CSX's bread and 
butter route is now better served by the Barge Company CSX just sold.

While there was one estimate that CSX could replace the bridge in 3 days, 
that prediction does not take into account the current weather 
prognostications that the Tar River will not crest until Sunday. How soon CSX 
can get to work without calling in Jules Verne is anyone's guess, but even if 
the bridge was ready Monday, it would still be under water.

Of course, there are lots of "we told you so" chants out there regarding 
CSX's removal of most of the line from Raleigh to Richmond (which is high and 
soggy). Who knows how CSX will reroute trains ... on the NS thru Lynchburg 
and Danville or the Shenandoah Line ... or down the Blue Ridge Sub (the 
no-double stacks Clinchfield). No one expects CSX to stand still for a week, 
so, it should get interesting.

Were CSX planning on driving around the Tar River ex-Bridge, I-95 is covered 
with water and closed for about 50 miles -- thru traffic is being turned 
around at the VA and SC borders. In fact, the state is virtually closed east 
of I-95 unless you are a boat or a snake.

Later ... Bob Loehne


Here is more about NC trains that I picked off another line from NC DOT''s 
Bill Herndon  ... 

Limited Amtrak Service has resumed effective today, 9/17/99.
In North Carolina, only the Piedmont (Nos. 73/74) will operate.
The Crescent (Nos. 19/20) will come through early AM eff. 9/18. 
(That's today's departures from New Orleans and New York)
The Piedmont and Crescent should operate normally from
now on.  (Barring yet another major storm!  Trop. Dep. #13
has now formed in the Gulf of Mexico.)

Check with your dispatchers before going to the station for
any CAROLINIAN trip.  Decisions on resuming 79/80 are being
made on a day by day basis.

HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED!!!!  Do NOT take it as Gospel Truth!

The Carolinian and ALL FLORIDA SERVICE will probably begin
operations with major detours and re-routes.  Apparently
the Tar River Bridge that carries CSX  through Rocky Mount 
has washed out.  The "A" Line also has numerous other
washouts and flood damaged areas.  The exact date of its
re-opening is not yet known.

Preliminary discussions between Amtrak, NS, and CSX on
re-routes and associated operations are underway, but
final decisions have not yet been made.  

I expect that Florida service is likely to detour
via NS Washington to Charlotte to Columbia, then
over CSX Columbia to Florida.

Rerouted Florida service trains could begin operating
as early as tonight.

Stay tuned.  If this news doesn't answer your question
and/or raises another...don't e-mail me to ask!  If I
haven't addressed a side issue specifically, it probably
hasn't been decided yet!

Additional information will be e-mailed as it is available.

Bill Herndon
NCDOT Rail Operations