SBB's tilting InterCity trains

My understanding is that the colour scheme hasn't been 
finalized yet. The one you are showing doesn't match 
the scheme I've seen from SBB -- or the designers they 
contracted -- but isn't impossible. 

It will run from St Gallen to Lausanne, possibly Geneva 
and Basel also. They will be seven-car trains with 
pantographs on the third and fifth cars with the rest of 
the technics spread out, so it won't be like on the TEEs 
with a technics room and a corridor past. 

Second class cars at each end, in the middle a 1st class 
(with compartments)+ restaurant, a 1st, a 1st +baggage: 
457 seats including 131 in 1st. 

187,6 m, 355 tonnes, 200 km/h 5.2 MW, 8 traction axles 
(the "inner" on the two outer cars in each end). I think
they've ordered 24 for delivery 1999-2001.

Thanks Urban Fredriksson. Translation from Swedish by Erik.

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