Post-Pepper Notes

Posted by Watts Martin on January 23 2006, 19:42:
I'm not really sure anyone but the spammers are reading this site any more (it doesn't look like even Erik is, unless he's just unable to delete spam with this software), but on the off-chance somebody is...

It's safe to assume Pepper's not coming back. It's pretty obvious Jason's attention has been elsewhere for, well, years. I stuck with it from the first Intel release of Pe on BeOS and bought Pepper on Mac when Hekkelman was still selling it.

If you're looking for a cross-platform, powerful text editor, I'd suggest XEmacs. No, really, stop snickering. I know it has a nearly vertical learning curve, but it's also just about impossible for anything to match power-wise. I prefer XEmacs to GNU Emacs because the XEmacs branch has a considerably more logical menu/toolbar structure and is just generally friendlier for newcomers. It's what I use on Windows. (I've used Windows-specific editors and have so far rarely found one that gets better than "not actively painful" to use. BBEdit gets slagged for its lack of aesthetics a lot on the Mac, but compared to most Windows shareware text editors, BBEdit's UI is a work of fine art.)

If you're on Mac OS X and you haven't checked out TextMate yet -- or haven't looked at the recent 1.5 release -- go over to right now. It's not perfect, but it's a brilliant architecture, and it's actively developed by a responsive, enthusiastic author. (Who's apparently doing quite well for himself with it. The difference between his attitude and Maarten Hekkelman's attitude, and between TextMate's success and Pepper's, is rather illustrative.)

Good luck out there in editor-land.

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