Switching to Pepper

Posted by Pierre Chopot on July 15 2003, 17:17:
After testing a lot BBedit (too expensive, no multi-file view); jEdit (to slow, Java interface), MI (free but mostly for japanese speaking people, poor FTP, no multi-file view, still really fast and customizable but again, help only in japanese) and a lot others (even Eclipse and Apple Project Builder) I finally found (with great difficulties, you must be on page 5 on a Google search for php text editor) Pepper which has all I need and a reasonable price :-)
A few questions I have before jumping in:
1/ when opening the accelerator window with the mouse (Window>Accelerator), Accelerator opens but as soon as I move the mouse, it closes so I am unable to click on an item to select it. Now if I position the mouse where the Accelerator will appear, and I hit cmd-R, the Accelerator appears under the mouse and I am now able to select an item. Is this a bug ?
2/ Is there a restriction on unregistered Pepper ? The syntax highlighting for PHP does not work completely. For examples functions do not have the proper coloring. (like mysql_fetch_row or if). Same for the attributes in HTML and a few others (in fact they follow the color of "Tag" and not of "Attributes").

3/ Is there a way to create new syntax highlighting for other languages ? (no need right now but...)
4/ A french version ? (just to know, this is not problem)

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