Pepper 4.2.1 bugs

Posted by BlueB on September 21 2004, 10:42:
I use Pepper 4.2.1 under Windows XP SP2 and noticed several bugs.
1. The underscore is invisible - I see white space instead,
2. When I open an html document with Chinese characters the document looks like (as if there is nothing in between the tags). This behavior happens when I use fonts which do not support Chinese, if I use the SimSun or something like that, everything is ok. It is extremely annoying because I never know if there is anything written in Chinese or not and risk overwriting it. SciTE text editor for example just shows gibberish so I know that there is a text.
3. I can't navigate with keyboard in the Accelerator menu and have to use mouse (by the way is there any way to keep the Accelerator window always open?).
4. Can't open or save from Ftp. It just says disconnect. If I tick "Show all Files" an error message appears - Unhandled exception: c0000005 at Address: 004cf17b and hangs the programs.
5. If I press Ctrl+Shift+X I witness another hanging accompanied by Unhandled exception: c0000005 at Address: 0047a601.

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